now I am hiring a professional seamstresses

Irina Nikolenko was born in Ukraine. She learned how to sew at the young age of 9 years old. She learned from designers in the Ukraine about designing and creating original clothing. She was a self employed designer and tailor in the Ukraine.

Irina came to America 2004. She then began work at Renaissance Bridal. She opened her shop in 2007. Her shop has all new updated equipment with industrial sewing machines. She has always had passion for clothing designing and sewing. 

What have been made lately in my shop

Some times inside of the garment is important too....
From back side
Dress suit for the authentic english lady
Different collar



love this collor

A bottom OF veil had made for my daughter in low

A veil  with dress
You are very welcome to visit my website I will add a new pictures of my creations and fashion' news for you.Sewing is my passion,I am opened for any requests and questions.
Was made about 6 years ago inspired by Alexander Mq Qeen

from the back

Contact us for custom clothes and alterations today at 717-751-1736 or 717-683-7246.

The suede added under the collar
The buttons covered with suede

I would like to share with you some of my custom made clothing

This is for my brand new client Lusy.By the way a fabric from London very fancy wool


For my authentic English lady

Unfortunately the picture does not judge a real color

for the flower girls


And here we go